Keeping Pets Safe When Escaping Domestic Violence;

Or Getting Back On Your Feet From Homelessness or Mental Health Can Be Traumatising For Both Pets And Their Owners.

Both women and men may be victims of domestic violence, homelessness and mental health issues. Those in abusive relationships often find it difficult to leave, with lack of finances, accommodation and concerns about children often cited as reasons.

Seventy per cent of those attempting to flee domestic violence also report pet abuse, just 1 more reason many victims postpone leaving. The fear that their animals will be harmed, often the only solace to the victims most in need. Fear that their precious pets will be abused and/or neglected if they are left behind, or worse yet killed as revenge, is a very real concern often validated. If victims are able to be confident their pet will be safe, it allows them to take care of themselves.

There are numerous "Pets In Crisis" programs, providing safe accommodation, food and vet care to pets of families escaping domestic and family violence who cannot take them with them to a shelter/refuge or who don't have family or friends who can care for their pet while they find safe, alternative accommodation.

DHM Dogs goes one step further;

OUR MISSION is to help dogs (and where possible other pets) of those who are at risk from;

  • Domestic Violence

  • Homelessness

  • Mental Health

We ensure they are well-fed and provided with shelter, safety, rehabilitation and training.

Currently, animals we take into care are homed with foster carers, vetted thoroughly and supported by qualified trainers to ensure they are going into care with the best possible chance of starting their new life on the right paw. We care for them until their owners are able to get back on their feet and provide a suitable home for their pets.

Rehabilitation of dogs in critical need, with access to dogtraining101 trainers, at no charge to our organisation. Their trainers provide key education for owners to ensure dogs are able to be returned in a safe and enriching environment for the owners and dogs.


  • The majority of refuges/shelters in Queensland do not allow pets, forcing many people to remain in their situation of Domestic Violence, Homelessness or to continue to suffer Mental Illness through lack of support for their pets, often through fear of what will happen to them if they left them with their abuser, on the streets or forced to surrender them.

  • Once Pets arrive in our program, we provide them with safe accommodation, healthy food daily, vaccinations, temperament testing, training and rehabilitation. To allow us to also provide microchipping and de-sexing we require further funding and veterinary support. To accomplish this we need donations and sponsorship on an ongoing basis.

  • Most programs have limitations on how long a pet me be cared for, 28 days is the usual limit, including RSPCA DV Connect, where the average day the pets stayed in the program in 2018-19 was just 34 days.

  • Pets from Domestic Violence, Homelessness AND Mental Health are often beaten or tortured by abusive partners, and perpetrators of violence against the homeless or those with mental health conditions.

Places available in refuges and shelters are scarce at the best of times, and in Queensland, few are able to accommodate pets. Being able to get back on their feet or leave a bad situation without their special companions often compounds the loss and makes the trauma they are facing in their life that much more intense. Knowing that their pets will be cared for and be reunited with them, rather than being forced to surrender them, is sometimes the catalyst for many to find the courage to take that vital step towards changing their situation and protecting themselves, their children and their pets.

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