Nobody Should Be Made Surrender Their Pet In Order To Be Safe!


Helping the dogs (and where possible other pets) of those who are at risk from;

  • Domestic Violence

  • Homelessness

  • Mental Health

To feed them, provide shelter, safety, rehabilitation and training. Access to services to house the dogs of those afflicted by domestic violence until they are able to get back on their feet and provide a suitable home for their pets.

Rehabilitation of dogs in critical need, with access to Dogtraining101 trainers, at no charge to our organisation, saves dogs' lives and ensures they are able to start their new lives on the right paw. Their trainers provide key education for owners to ensure dogs are able to be returned in a safe and enriching environment for the owners and dogs.

In Australia, domestic and family violence is one of the biggest social injustices we deal with. Everyone is affected - all races, religions, and social classes.

Domestic violence is based on power and control. With one partner feeling the need to dominate the other, it's much more likely the relationship will turn violent.

Supporting those abused to escape the situation can be very tricky, especially when pets and children are involved. The decision to remove oneself from domestic violence starts with a shift in attitudes, perceptions, and challenges to the "norm" in Australia to ignore toxic and unhealthy environments.

Our mission is to assist those at risk by taking care of just 1 obstacle, their beloved pets. Leaving the pet with the abuser or surrendering them is not a decision anyone in a DV situation should have to make. We remove that obstacle by taking care of their fur babies to allow them space to focus on getting themselves into a safe and healthy environment and, eventually, have their pets returned to them, safe healthy, and happy.

To do this, we bring communities together, facilitate volunteers, and make a real and practical contribution to these families.

A family fleeing from a violent household will often enter a refuge with nothing but the clothes on their backs and unable to take their pets with them. We have created a program to support and empower these courageous families by caring for their pets, rehabilitating them, retraining them, and ensuring they are healthy and able to be returned to their owners and not be surrendered to rehoming services.

When a family leaves a refuge, to their new accommodation with everything they need to make it a home, they can make a fresh start with their pets alongside them.

We rely solely on volunteers and financial support from our fundraising efforts to do what we do, nobody is paid and all funds go directly to our cause.

In 2022 we will be raising funds to build a specialised facility to allow us to assess the needs of the pet prior to fostering them to families who will care for them while their owners get back on their feet. Those that can't be fostered for various reasons can be homed in our facility with 24-7 care by qualified trainers to ensure they are able to restart their new lives with a positive attitude.

Help Us to Help Them!

Photo Gallery from our recent fundraisers at Petbarn North Lakes & Rothwell. Thanks to all the staff and customers who brought along their pets for SantaPaws Pics, every cent helps us to help them!

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